Appreciating the Works of Bernini


Ever since I was a young lad, I carried a fascination for what I considered to be the highest form of art: sculpture. I was taking a clay class after school and loved the idea of taking clay, a soft substance, and tossing it into a kiln to solidify its existence forever. But when it comes to sculpture, it’s already solidified. The obstacle to create something great is immense. The time commitment is also much greater, and every time I look at one of these sculptures, I think about how one’s life must’ve been while creating these marvels. The pinnacle of this art form, I think, is none other than Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

The amount of detail he puts into his works is staggering. He makes you forget that what you’re looking at is actually a stone, unmoving and firm like any other. He reminds you that you too can make something just as transcendent with the right planning and practice. But most of all, he displays the peak of human expressivity, and it is this quality that can tempt you to lose yourself in the moment. I’ve had the fortune of looking at some of his works in person and I must say that no photograph does any of it justice.



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