Impromptu Lighting


Sometimes you don’t always have everything at your disposal. When those times arrive, the first thing to do is not panic. The best thing to do is to find a solution. Because of my schedule, I had only one day to take photos of a product. I was hoping to catch the studio, and yet my hopes were swiftly dashed when I saw that it was occupied by a professor. DSC_0335

My friend and I didn’t have the best camera already, and at that point we were forced to race the sun to catch a good picture with decent light. First, we went to FedEx and bought one white piece of poster paper and one black piece of poster paper. We walked to back to the JSchool to find a good window, and, alas, the lobby on the third floor was just what we were looking for. We experimented with different ways of diffusing the window light and electric room light using the poster paper. Sometimes we’d even block out the electric light with our backpacks. With what little space we had, we place our respective products on the window sill and alternated between a black backdrop and a white backdrop. It was a tight squeeze and the results aren’t perfect, but for what we had I think they turned out well.




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