The Photoshoot That Shouldn’t Have Happened

IMG_1058_1It was almost finals week, and the usual work had piled up. However, this time, I had an unusual amount of work that pertained to a couple fields that I was hardly familiar with. Despite this, I still decided to wait until the last minute. The two projects I was faced with were a collection of photos that fit a narrative, and a psychology research paper that was due in 8 hours. It was 4 in the morning. I was already pretty burnt out, and had taken a couple of short naps to break up the work, but I was still way in over my head and didn’t really have a solid idea of how to frame this paper. I decided I needed a break, and that I should find a way to take some photos since I had a camera rented out. Enter: the sunrise.

At 4 in the morning, I had about two hours until dawn. I had always wanted to take a good picture of the sun coming up, and even though I didn’t have any storyline planned, I figured that I’ll incorporate a sunrise somehow. I pulled up to the parking garage across the street from Strom Thurmond and drove to the rooftop. To my surprise, there was another student looking out over the horizon.

He said he was taking photos for his Instagram, and that this was a part of his effort to start waking up early. I offered to take his photos and email them to him later. He accepted. This particular moment in my life isn’t as significant to me than others. This isn’t even close to my top favorite chance encounter. But it is a chance encounter, and I love when that happens. Here I was exhausted, fiddling around with a device that I barely knew how to use, and yet an opportunity presented itself and the results aren’t that bad. I like these a lot because I can see these on an album cover or painted over to make a Renaissance-era painting. The lighting was also pretty cool. Here are a couple of those photos.




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